Increasing Significance of Congressional Election: Function of Congressional Election for the Common Citizen

Life of man and laws

Life is so good today because of the various laws and regulations that are in force. The legislations that one sees are done through various legislations passed in Congress. The Congress is sum of all Representatives of House and the Senate members. They collectively help coordinate the various legal functions of administration. Function of Congressional election is to choose members of office of the Congress who will lead the Government.

In addition, the administration comprising of various institutions functioning at the state and national level, depend on the Congress for directions with regard to implementing Government policies and functions. These may be plans implemented by the each Government after it comes to power or it may be those that are required on a periodic basis such as action plans that exist during droughts, famines and civil unrest.

Functions of Congress

All members of the government have 6 years once they are elected. The House however is kept at least 33% empty by design. This facilitates the appointment of senators and congressmen every 2 years. The senators have special duties and may be called on to select or nominate special Government officers, judges and federal officials. This is in addition to making laws required for the proper running of the country.

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Passing of legislature

Majority party in the House forms the ruling party and the party that follows in majority forms the opposition. Bills are passed in the House by the ruling party and the opposition examines the merits before either accepting the proposal or rejecting them. There are quite a few members who will not take the alliance of either of the parties but rather exist as independents. Congressional election has a huge impact in the daily existence of man. Functions of Congressional election become more significant when there is need for new rules or governing principles.

Congressional Election: Function of Congressional Election in Life of Common Man

Law and order for the common man

In the life of the common man, there is a need for order. This is possible when there is law that governs everything. Legislators, who lay the law, are elected by the people of the land through congressional election. Function of Congressional election is therefore to help form the Government by selecting the leaders.

Functions of members elected to the Government

capitol-516065_640Function of congressional election is to select the legislators of the land who have affiliation to Democrat party or Republican Party. There may also be few who are elected as independents or may be affiliated to some other third party. Some federal appointments are made with the consent of the Senate members. These would be officials such as ambassadors and federal judges.

Passing legislation is the overall function of congress. For being eligible to form the legislative party in congress, the party must have majority on its own and must be capable of forming the majority by forming relationship with other parties. Senate forms regulations that enhance or limit the powers of the other Federal Government elements. Congressional election is held once every four years. Senate along with the U.S. House of Representatives makes up the Congress. The term for each member is 6 years. It is arranged in such a way that one-third of the seats are available for election every two years.

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Keeping the balance in governance

The function of congressional election is more than electing the legislators to office. It helps bring about cohesion to the various units of the legislative mechanism such as the state run medical institutions or welfare organizations. One should also be aware that congressional election may take place sooner in case there is a need for it. People are becoming more aware of the need for proper legislation and the need for efficient legislators as education levels increases across the country.

Importance of law: Congressional Elections and Function of Congressional Election

Undeniable need for laws and making of legislators

People depend on law for keeping some semblance of order in their lives. These are the roads of life, ones that tell what to do and how to do things. Legislators are members of Congress who are elected periodically and they make laws. These leaders define the working of the Congress and protect the rights of the citizens of the country. Duties of the senate go beyond to streamlining the duties of federal agencies and related departments in the state.

In the course of discharging their duties, senators are called upon to nominate federal officials like judges, officers and ambassadors. The members of the congress need to be members of the ruling party that is in majority either singly or by forming coalition with other parties or members of the opposition that is next biggest in majority in the house. Some members may not be aligned with either but stand as independents that may align with either party.

Many functions of the state agencies are defined or regulated by the members of the Senate. All laws are made and modifications made by congress. The house is empty one-thirds after every two year gap, by choice. The term of the members is 6 years. Members of Congress may belong to either the Senate/US House of Representatives.

Time for leisure and relaxation

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Interlinking different units of the Government

Various administrative units of the state are governed by congress. Function of congressional election helps keep the functioning of the administration in perfect balance. For good governance, people must have more knowledge about the congress, congressional election and the way to keep the administration ticking. The Government on its part has extended education programs to all sections of society. Thus, the congressional election has assumed a great and significant part in the lives of people.

Know About Congressional Election and Function of Congressional Election

Congress its members and functioning

contract-408216_640Legislation is very vital for peace and coordination of working of various offices and institutions. Once in every four years the Congressional elections is held to elect representative to head the Government. Every elected member necessarily belongs to the majority party or another party that has the next biggest majority. Majority can be achieved independently or in coalition with other parties. Function of the Congressional election is to keep the Government functioning along with other members organizations of the Government.

The Senate along with US House of Representatives represents the Congress. Congress does not stop with merely passing laws but also helps govern the states by giving proper directions for governance. Various federal bodies depend on the laws and statutes passed by the Congress for its proper functioning. Member of the Congress are elected at regular intervals by the people in a democratic Congressional election. Each member has a 6-year term and this allows for the house to be always a third empty. This allows election every two years.

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Bringing cohesion to units of the Government

Senate and the Representatives coordinate the appointment of various types of official of the state such as the ambassadors. Various officials of state units also come under the control of the congress. These are various state units and non-profit Government organizations.

In addition to keeping the functioning of all elements and units of administration they also institute all kinds of emergency measures when there is a need for it. This may happen in times of unrest or during famines. The Government keeps onus on keeping the people informed about the various measures and rights of the people and the way they should go about to contribute to the functioning of the Government. In this way, function of Congressional election becomes significant in the life of common person.

Importance and Function of Congressional Election in Daily Life

Congress defines working of Government

library-74038_640For the ordinary man, there are many needs but the predominant need is that of an ordered life. The laws of the land are made by the legislators who are elected periodically to the congress. Congressional election is held to allow the people to elect someone they like to lead the Government. Function of Congressional election however, is not limited to merely forming laws for the people. There are other duties too like coordinating functioning of federal bodies and election of federal officials at the state level.

Elements of the Federal Government have their powers defined by the Senate. The legislative party in senate that has the majority backing is the leader of the house. Most important function that the senators are called on to perform is to make laws. Term for members of the senate is 6 years. This allows the house to be one- third empty after two years. Elections thus are required after two years. U.S. House of Representatives along with the senate constitute the Congress.

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Nominating federal officials

Back in the Congress, Senators have the power to nominate certain officials of the state. These officials are federal judges and ambassadors. It is possible that a few members of the Congress are independent without any affiliation to the ruling party or the opposition. Their vote becomes necessary when the Congress is passing some legislature and the vote is hanging with both “For” and “Against” being equal. Most of the members will eventually join one of the two major parties.

Function of congressional election encompasses bringing a balance to functioning of various state administrative units. There may be election sooner than the actual term when the conditions for a re-election exist. As awareness reaches more people, the standard of legislation is becoming more refined. This is a direct result of higher education drives and better facilities both for the administered and the administration. Congressional election, thus for the common man, has become a tool that is very versatile and vital for bringing higher order to life.